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Software Engineering


The Company

Petrosoft is a technology company specializing in the design and development of computer engineering solutions in the oil industry, fluid mechanics, transportation and mobility.


Petrosoft is a dynamic company, with an experienced team, current, able to respond to the challenges and requests of our clients.

Consisting of a group of people with technical background and experience in various capacities, and constantly training according to the needs and trends of the market.

With extensive national and international experience, it guarantees the technical quality of the projects, always duly adapted to the needs of the client and ensures the indispensable technical assistance, taking into account the parameters of exigency and quality that considers of capital importance, in the search for an end product.



The company is dedicated to developing technological solutions in the following areas:

  • Industrial Software

  • Industrial Maintenence

  • Equipment Control

  • Dimensioning and Structural Calculation

  • Graphics Computing

  • Mobility and Transportation

  • Consulting and Training


… with tested and in-use achievements in the following industries:


Petroleum  -   Maintenance  Thermodynamics  -  Mobility  -  Justice

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Developed Projects


Production Allocation System & Management.

It is a technological solution for data management of oil production. It is a modern, flexible and extensible platform that adapts to each installation and is tailored to customer needs (functional and technical requirements).

PASM contains a set of algorithms that allows you to cross-reference the stored information and perform the calculations required to produce reports in the standard, format and quality required by the customer. These algorithms also allow you to cross-reference the stored information and perform calculations to generate analysis tools culminating in a variety of graphs and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to support operational control and decision making. This technological system also helps those responsible in problem analysis, visualization of complex subjects and creation of new planning strategies.



Maintenance Analysis System

It is a technological management solution to support the maintenance of existing equipment for oil production platforms.


MAS is a lightweight and easy-to-use solution that aims to monitor all rotating equipment in terms of hours of operation, hours at fault or hours in stand by, yet also makes it easy for all technicians to report tasks performed during day.

The MAS contains a set of algorithms that allows you to cross-reference the stored information and provide analysis tools to equipment within the scope of machine reliability and help improve and optimize maintenance management.

Project “CITIUS WEB”

Following a national competition, the company was selected to support the reformulation and corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the project related to the platform of the Ministry of Justice - Citius


Calculation of Hydraulic Pressure

Project to calculate hydraulic shock in hydraulic systems at start and stop of pumps.

Complex Fluid Distribution Networks

Project that aims at the calculation for the determination of hydraulic equilibrium conditions in the distribution of complex fluids.


Project Management System

Application of production control of drafting and development of engineering and architectural projects.

It includes the various tasks and income tables with cost allocation of human resources, materials consumed and equipment usage in the various phases of the project, calculating all expenses and incidence by cost centers.




Taxi Management (under development)

Application of integral management of taxis, which allows managing fleet of vehicles in real time, namely the parameters of geo-location, routes, revenues, expenses, maintenance, online invoicing and attendance.

It also allows to manage all the amounts, in relation to cash deliveries, online payments (ATM, credit and debit cards) and third parties (Taxi Operators and Electronic Platforms) of each car per driver and shift.

The application developed for Web and Mobile environments, allows to obtain several indicators, such as yields per driver, per vehicle, kilometers traveled, fuel consumption, and level of maintenance.